What is the Thermage procedure?

Thermage was developed to help erase the signs of aging skin. It works by targeting collagen structures beneath the skin's surface to tighten and firm underlying skin tissue. On the face, it is used for treating periorbital (around the forehead and eye) wrinkles, tightening the cheeks and jowl area, and reducing sagging under the chin. The treatment also can also be used to tighten skin anywhere else on the body including breasts, thighs, and arms.

How does it work?

During your treatment, capacitive radiofrequency (CRF) energy uniformly heats the dermis while cooling and protecting the epidermis. The treatment is designed to cause immediate collagen contraction followed by new collagen production which occurs over a period of time. The Thermage procedure is the only non-invasive method to tighten, contour, and rejuvenate loose skin on the face, thighs, stomach, arms, and hands.

When will I see results?

Because Thermage treatments affect the body's natural production of collagen, results from the procedure continue for many months. Most of our patients see results gradually over two to six months, although some patients notice improvement as early as two weeks after treatment.

How long will the effects of the procedure last?

Recently published studies show that improvements continue for at least six months after a single treatment session. Other studies show that thermal collagen changes can last several years, depending on the rate of the aging process.
This service is provided in our Pasadena Office. You may call for details.

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