Age Spots
Facial, Neck, Chest, Redness
Acne Scars - Forehead,Cheeks, Chin
Acne Scars - Neckline, Shoulders, Back
Active Acne  - Forehead, Cheeks, Chin
Active Acne - Neckline, Shoulders, Back
Wrinkles, Fine Lines - Neckline
Wrinkles, Fine Lines - Forehead
Wrinkles, Fine Lines - Around Mouth
Have you ever had surgery?
Do you wear contact lenses?  If yes, what kind?
Do any of the following apply to you?
Varicose Veins
Blood Clots
Heart Problems
Blood Pressure Problems
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Do you take birth control? Hormone replacements?
If so, which one and for how long?:
Do you have any drug allergies?  Which drugs?:
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Do you have any tense or sore areas that require special attention? 
Do you use any oral / topical antibiotics? List which ones and for how long?:
Do you have any skin problems?  If yes, please describe?
Are you pregnant?  If yes, what trimester are you in?
Do you have any allergies?  Please describe?
Do you have any spinal problems?  Please describe?
If yes, what kind and how often?
Do you exercise regularly or participate in any sport?.
Do you take any prescribed medication?   Please describe?
Please indicate any specific treatments of interest:
   Please answer all questions specifying  "No" or "None" when necessary
Are you currently using Acutane, Retin- A, Renova or Defferin?
If so, how long?:
   Please answer all questions specifying  "No" or "None" when necessary
Have you had a professional massage before?
I understand that massage therapy given here is for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, or for increase of circulation and energy flow. I understand that the massage therapist does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder. As such, the massage therapist does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor does he/she perform any spinal manipulations. It has been made very clear to me that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examinations and/or diagnoses, and that it is recommended that I see a physician ailment that I may have.

Because the massage therapist must be aware of existing physical conditions, I have stated all of my known medical conditions and take it upon myself to keep the message therapist updated on my physical health.
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Massage Therapy Agreemernt Terms
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